Lady Gray

A great big photo project I did with my wife & friends back in college. I wrote a paper on it and everything – basically, the idea was to capture the ambiguity of the time using the tropes of the film noir genre.

Secretary  lady-gray-bar-owner-002 lady-gray-bar-owner-006 Detective lady-gray-detective-015b lady-gray-detective-016 lady-gray-detective-018 lady-gray-editor-058 lady-gray-editor-059 lady-gray-editor-061 lady-gray-femme-fatale-033 lady-gray-femme-fatale-040 Mob Boss lady-gray-icon-030 lady-gray-icon-044 lady-gray-icon-045 lady-gray-icon-046 lady-gray-icon-047 lady-gray-reporter-068 lady-gray-reporter-073

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